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Recoding Entropia

Contemporary creation

Until July 16, 2023

Production and design: «François Vautier - Da Prod» / Production: Culturespaces Digital®

Designed exclusively for Culturespaces, Recoding Entropia is an immersive film experience by François Vautier.

Closely connected with the theme explored, namely evolution, it reflects on the vastness of the possibilities inherent to the mind. In unison with what is suggested by his narrative, the film plays on confusion and surprise in order to open out a loop to immerse oneself in.

This audovisual creation, centred on spaces and scale values, offers you an immersion into an environment intended as infinite and vertiginous. Playing on the materials and their interactions, plunge into the heart of a crepuscular poetry in a bewitching drama.


Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday: from 10am to 1pm.


Included in the Gustav Klimt: Gold in Motion ticket.