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Infinite Horizons

Contemporary creation

Graphic & Animation Design : HKI-Hellohikimori | Production : Culturespaces Digital®

An artistic journey through a multitude of vistas that defy the rules of perspective. This piece explores the accepted notion of what landscapes is, using algorithmic notation and features singular vision that leads us into a world of abstraction in an endless landscape. There, the perception of each instant projects our imagination toward strange new horizons and uncharted lands which appear to have no limits.

The concept is grounded in the notion of the Event Horizon. From the real horizon to the event horizon generated by a black hole, other horizons and alternate realities take shape. Like the birth of raw, unformed matter, we emerge from the center of a planet, through its many layers and types of matter. Rising up, we discover a vast, sweeping landscape. An infinite horizon gradually takes shape before our eyes. Slowly, forms, objects and particles begin to levitate, and hover above visitors. On the horizon a convergence of elements creates a mirror effect and what appears to be a gateway between two parallel realities. A black hole forms, generated by an ultra-powerful gravitational force that sucks in whatever approaches it. Matter is distorted, revealing the portal to an unknown dimension, and unveiling the real in an unfamiliar, unexpected form: Contemplation. Wonder. Exaltation. Disorientation. Infinite Horizons belong to those who possess infinite imagination.