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A multi-sensory wellness experience. Bend, stretch, move and flow with us.

The venue's versatility allows for the customization of each wellness event, ensuring that instructors can create the perfect ambiance to match their session's theme and objectives.

Whether it's a sunrise yoga class that welcomes the day with soft, warm hues cascading across the walls, or a high-energy fitness boot camp accompanied by powerful beats and dynamic visuals, Hall des Lumières provides an unparalleled setting.

Having hosted a diverse range of events, from fashion shows to corporate gatherings, Hall des Lumières now opens its doors to the wellness community, inviting instructors and participants alike to explore the intersection of health, art, and technology.


Maximum capacity is 1,000 guests across both our Historical and Modern floor for a reception. 500 guest capacity on either level.  


The venue includes a state-of-the-art projection system, a content library - including Hall des Lumières exhibitions, and a sound system.