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Engage, inspire, and wow guests as you dine.

Create an unforgettable dining experience that will engage, inspire, and leave your guests in awe. By harnessing the power of custom projection and spotlight capabilities, every seated dinner transforms into a visual spectacle, making it the ideal setting for high-profile galas, impactful presentations, and sophisticated social events.

These technological enhancements allow for the customization of the environment to suit the theme or mood of the evening, from projecting serene landscapes or starlit skies to spotlighting speakers, awards, or performances, thus elevating the overall ambiance.

With a capacity to comfortably seat 275 guests per floor, the space is versatile enough to accommodate events of various scales without sacrificing intimacy or comfort. 


The maximum capacity for a seated dinner is 275 guests on either the Historical or Modern floor (250 with a stage). 


The venue includes a state-of-the-art projection system, a content library - including Hall des Lumières exhibitions, and a sound system.